Welcometo the rabbit hole!

Who am I

I began drawing black and white images of Tom Hiddleston under pseudonym Finney13art on Tumblr in 2017.

In real life I’m Eeva Lamminen, a Finnish graphic designer and illustrator.

I’ve been drawing my whole life (30+ years) but only once I got my hands on Wacom’s pen tablet my creative juices started flowing with digital art.

Black and white is a natural choice for me. I like to simplify things to minimum and working with just two colors – or on portraits basically just with shadows – gives me a fresh challenge with every drawing.

I’ve been working as freelance graphic designer since 2007 doing print & digital design, websites, online shop set ups and logo & branding identity design for small businesses. I have two BA’s, one in Marketing Communications and one in Digital Arts. I’ve been working as graphic designer since 2001. Get to know more about my work at eevalamminen.design.

Self portrait of Eeva Lamminen


For any inquiries you can contact me via email at finney(a)finney13art.com

I’ll reply as soon as possible, latest on the next working day.

I’m located on timezone UTC+2


Finney13’s Art
Tampere, Finland
Business ID: FI21397801

Portfolio: eevalamminen.design